The Maggid’s Works

Here is a list of the Maggid’s works in Hebrew.

1. Kochav MiYaakov on the weekly haftaros
2. Kol Yaakov on the Five Megillos
3. Ohel Yaakov on the Chumash
4. Mishlei Yaakov, an extract of the parables from Ohel Yaakov
5. Sefer HaMiddos, a work on spiritual development (mussar)
6. Emes L’Yaakov on the Passover Haggadah

Works 1-3 are available in a nicely printed set published by Yerid HaSefarim press in Meah Shaarim, Jerusalem (phone: +972-2-537-0016). I have published an English translation of Kol Yaakov; see the NJMDP Publications page for details. Sefer HaMiddos is available in a nicely printed volume with vowels from A. Blum Press in Jerusalem. Mishlei Yaakov is widely available in various printings. Emes L’Yaacov is available, in Hebrew with English translation, in the following book:

Silver, M. (2005). The Redemption Haggadah, with the Commentary of the Dubno Maggid. Feldheim Publishers, Monsey NY and Jerusalem (produced under the auspices of the London-based Yaakov Maggid of Dubno Fund).

Below are links to PDF files, which I downloaded from the site,, containing Hebrew editions of Works 2-6.


Most of the above works were compiled after the Maggid’s death, based on brief notes that the Maggid wrote for his own use, such as outline sketches of lectures. Only Sefer HaMiddos was written by the Maggid himself, and this only in draft form. Kol Yaakov was published in 1819 by the Maggid’s son Rabbi Yitzchak (Isaac) Kranz, with the compilation done by two scholars working under Rabbi Yitzchak’s direction. Ohel Yaakov, Emes L’Yaakov, and the final version of Sefer HaMiddos were compiled by Rabbi Abraham Beirush Flamm, who is regarded as the Maggid’s leading (posthumous) disciple. Kochav MiYaakov was a joint effort of Rabbi Flamm and Rabbi Naphtali Maskil L’eison. [Rabbi Naphtali Maskil L’eison also compiled the haggadah known as the “Malbim Haggadah.”] Rabbi Flamm added his own glosses to these works. Mishlei Yaakov was compiled by Rav Moshe Nussbaum.



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