Connect With the Maggid


How You Can Connect With the Maggid and Help Spread His Teachings

  • Read the Maggid’s works and experience the beauty and depth of his teachings. Utilize his teachings for spiritual growth.
  • Donate a book about the Maggid’s teachings to your shul library or other Jewish libraries.
  • Let your friends know about the Maggid. Tell them about the books available on the Maggid’s teachings. Send them the book excerpts posted on this site. Let them know about this site. Buy or lend a book to a friend.
  • Discuss the Maggid’s parables and teachings with your family, during Shabbos meals or on other suitable occasions.
  • Learn Torah and do special mitzvos (such as acts of kindness) as an ilui neshamah for the Maggid (l’ilui nishmas HaRav Yaakov ben Zeev).
  • Write in to this blog.
  • Make a donation to NJMDP to help our efforts continue.

You are invited to suggest further ways to connect with the Maggid and spread his teachings.

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