About the North Jerusalem Maggid of Dubno Project (NJMDP)

NJMDP is devoted to disseminating the Maggid’s teachings. At present, I am running the project as a one-man operation, focusing on publishing English translations of the Maggid’s works. I began in June 2003. So far, I have published a five-volume translation of the Maggid’s commentary Kol Yaakov on the Five Megillos. I am currently working on a translation/adaption of the Maggid’s commentary on the Chumash, which is going to be a long-term undertaking. Over time, the NJMDP may expand to include additional people and a wider range of activities. I’d be happy to have volunteers to help me with this effort. And you are cordially invited to write in to this blog.

About Me (David Zucker)

I was born in Baltimore in 1961. I grew up in a nonobservant home, but I received a certain amount of Jewish education during my school years, including Hebrew language training. I became observant in my late 20’s. I made aliyah to Israel in 1992, and I have been living in Jerusalem since then. From 1992 to 1995 I lived in the Har Nof neighborhood. I now live in Neve Yaakov, a northern suburb of Jerusalem. I have learned Torah in various venues, primarily in kollelim in Har Nof and Neve Yaakov. Professionally, I work in an academic position in the field of statistics, where I lecture (mainly in Hebrew) and do research and consulting. My professional website is http://pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il/~mszucker. I became interested in the Maggid around 2001, when I came across a copy of Kol Yaakov and was greatly impressed by the depth and beauty of the commentaries. I promptly bought myself the Yerid HaSefarim set of Dubner Maggid commentaries, and I have been basking in the Maggid’s wisdom ever since.

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