Koheles Update and Donation Appeal

The piece I just posted comes from the Maggid’s commentary on Koheles, which I am in the process of translating. I have a complete first draft of the book, and have completed the “pre-editing” on the first segment (about a third of the book) and sent it for editing. The “pre-editing” of the remainder of the book is in progress. I am hoping, with Hashem’s help, to publish the book in time for Sukkos 5770.
Because this is a noncommissioned work, I must cover the production costs of the book on my own. The estimated overall cost of the project is $7,000. This cost figure includes up-front production costs (editing, proofreading, cover design) and printing/binding costs (for 1,000-1,200 copies, standard for a first printing of this type of book). I am now seeking donations to defray the cost. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. When sending a donation, you should also send an email notice of the donation to donations@jlm-dubno-maggid.org, so that I know your donation is coming. After your donation is received, I will send you an official Nimla Tal receipt. Those who want a US tax deduction may make out the check to “American Friends of Nimla Tal,” marking the subject line “Dubner Maggid,” and an official receipt will be sent. Contributors may place a printed dedication in the book. The dedication categories are as follows: Full page – $1000, Half page –  $500, Quarter page –  $250, 1/8 page –  $125, two lines – $50, one line – $25.
My contact information is as follows: David Zucker, 11/3 Neiman Street, Neve Yaakov Mizrach, Jerusalem, dmzucker@jlm-dubno-maggid.org. You may convey the text of your dedication to me either by regular mail or by email. US-based contributors who wish a US tax deduction may mail their checks directly to the Baltimore office of “Nimla Tal,” addressing the envelope as follows: American Friends of Nimla Tal, c/o Cooper, 2509 Willow Glen Drive, Baltimore MD 21209. It is also possible to donate by credit card online, with the donation being US tax-deductible through “Nimla Tal.” The donation site is http://jlm-dubno-maggid.org/blog/donate/ .
I’ll be grateful for any help that anyone can give, either by donating or by passing the word on to others who may be interested in donating.
David Zucker, Site Administrator

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