Parashas Noach

It is a basic tenet of Judaism that the mitzvos are decrees from Hashem, and we are obligated to obey them whether the conduct Hashem mandated makes sense to us or not. We see this clearly in regard to the mitzvos that are presented as pure decrees without any reason. But, says the Maggid, it is also true of a mitzvah for which the Torah states a reason, or for which there is an evident reason. Even if the reason does not appear to apply, we must keep the mitzvah anyway. For in addition to the revealed reason behind the mitzvah, there are deeper hidden reasons of which only Hashem is aware.
The Maggid connects this idea with the following Midrash on this week’s parashah (Bereishis Rabbah 34:4):
It is written (Koheles 10:4): “If the spirit of the Ruler comes upon you, do not leave your place.” This verse refers to Noach. Said Noach: “Just as I entered the ark only with authorization, so, too, I will leave the ark only with authorization.” [It is written:] “Enter the ark,” [and then], “And Noach entered.” [It is written:] “Go out from the ark,” [and then], “And Noach went out.”
When the flood came to an end, Noach remained in the ark. Since Hashem had commanded him to enter the ark, he understood that he was to keep staying there, even though the apparent reason for his being there no longer applied. Only after Hashem told him to leave did he leave.
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