The Maggid’s 203rd Yahrzeit – 17 Teves 5768

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 17th of Teves (December 26), is the Maggid’s 203rd Yahrzeit.
A few years ago, when the Maggid’s 200th Yahrzeit came around, I was asked whether the Maggid had something to say on the topic of Yahrzeits. To this day, I have not come across anything in the Maggid’s commentaries that specifically addresses this topic. On the other hand, the Maggid often speaks of following in the footsteps of our forefathers. I would like to suggest that this principle is integrally related to the concept of Yahrzeit. We can say that the Yahrzeit of a departed one is a time to reflect upon the person’s positive qualities and commit ourselves to try to emulate them. Our efforts in this direction bring merit to the departed soul.
In this vein, we can take the opportunity at this time to reflect on the Maggid’s great qualities and try to follow his path. You can download an overview of the Maggid’s life and works by clicking here. Three points particularly stand out:
1.     The Maggid’s relentless devotion to Torah study and mitzvah observance.
2.     The Maggid’s detachment from material concerns.
3.     The Maggid’s deep concern for his fellow man.
Let us try to emulate the Maggid in these areas.
Our Sages say that a righteous man, even after he has departed, is still considered alive. This is because his influence lives on. In this sense, the Maggid is very much alive and active today.
David Zucker, Site Administrator

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