Welcome to this website/blog, devoted to the teachings of Rabbi Yaakov Kranz, the celebrated Maggid of Dubno. The Maggid, who lived from ca. 1741 to 1804, is famous for his use of clever parables to bring out profound lessons.
Voice of Nobles - Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes (Koheles)
Voice of Rejoicing and Salvation - Commentary on the Book of Esther
A Voice Shall Sing Forth - Commentary on the Song of Songs
Voice of the Dove - Commentary on the Book of Ruth
Voice of Weepers - Commentary on the Book of Lamentations
I am David Zucker, the site originator and administrator. I became interested in the Maggid around 2001, when I came across his commentaries on the Five Megillos and was impressed with their depth and beauty. From that point on, I have spent a lot of time studying the Maggid’s various works (click on “The Maggid’s Works” for a list). From June 2003 to June 2009, I worked on translating into English the Maggid’s Kol Yaakov commentary on the Five Megillos. I have now published volumes covering all five megillos. They are being distributed by Feldheim Publishers. A boxed set including all five volumes is also available.  For more information about these books, navigate to “NJMDP Publications” or to the volume-specific pages.
In November 2007, I decided to expand my efforts and “go online.” This website/blog is the result. The static pages on this site include information about the Maggid, about the Maggid books I have published (including excepts), and about Maggid books published by others. The posts on this site are an ongoing series of pieces related to the Maggid and his commentaries.
I call my Dubno Maggid work by the name "North Jerusalem Maggid of Dubno Project" because I live in Neve Yaakov, a northern suburb of Jerusalem. Neve Yaakov is the home of a thriving Torah community. One example of the Torah learning activity in Neve Yaakov is Kollel Aish Tamid-Emek Beracha, the Neve Yaakov Night Kollel Network.
I am very intersted in feedback on the material on this site. You are cordially invited to submit comments and posts to the blog (I have set the default user role at “Contributor”). In terms of comments, you can either comment on specific pages or posts, or go to the page “General Comments on This Site” and enter a general comment. You can also email me at dmzucker@jlm-dubno-maggid.org. I look forward to hearing from you. I ask you also to pass on the word about this site to your friends and to groups that you have contact with.
I hope you will find the material on this site interesting and inspiring.

The Voice of Jacob Sampler

I am making available for online purchase an e-book, entitled The Voice of Jacob Sampler, containing excerpts from my English translations of the Maggid’s commentaries on the Five Megillos. The e-book is 144 pages long (in 12pt Book Antiqua font). The price is $5.00. For further information, visit the “Voice of Jacob Sampler” page.


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